Singaporean Bargaining Site – Lobang Club

Yesterday I was pondering about Keepio, the site that allows you to share, buy, sell, and swap things with your friends and family and whether there is such site specifically targeted to the Singaporeans or people living in Singapore, and sure enough, after a bit of researching, I found Lobang Club.

The idea behind Lobang Club is similar to Keepio and other buy and sell sites; it lets you to share what you want to sell or buy in a small community. While Keepio focuses more on selling and buying things to friends and family Lobang Club focuses on the general community in Singapore and not limited to only the personal network.

Another distinct characteristics that Lobang Club has is also the fact that users can provide information on where is the cheapest place to certain product, for example, if you are looking to buy an iPad, you may create a ‘lobang,’ for iPad, other users in return will visit your lobang and share the cheapest or best quality store to buy an iPad.

Many categories of things can be found on the website, from Books & Magazines, Food & Restaurants, to Computers & Laptops. If you are a shop owner that wants to interact with the potential customers, you can also create your own lobang that includes the prices and so on, one rule applies is that repeated content and spam messages will be moderated and removed. This is to create a friendly environment for the users and I quite like the idea of that. Have you tried using Lobang Club? What’s your experience on the site? Is it as useful as it sounds?

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