Skype Introduces Ads

For the people in US, UK, and Germany, you will now notice various different advertisements on your Home tab in Skype which has already started today as a part of their larger revenue strategy. The widely used free phone call via internet service Skype already has a few advertisers lined up, these includes Visa, Universal Pictures, Disney, Microsoft, Nokia, Volkswagen, and British Telecom.

Skype has 145 million monthly users, 8.1 million who are paid customers; either buying the enhanced version of Skype or buying credits to make calls to phones locally and internationally. Although only the free users will be able to ads for now, the paid subscribers might also be able to see the ads in the future. The Chief Marketing Officer, Doug Bewsher said on the official blog, ‘We believe that advertising, when done in the right way, will help us continue to invest in developing great products.’

Bewsher added that, ‘The ads won’t interrupt your Skype experience. You won’t suddenly see annoying pop-up ads or flashy banner ads in middle of conversations,’ therefore, Skypers, you can use the service with a worry free mind. Skype smartly makes its service better for the advertisers by using the demographics data such as location, age, and gender when showing the ads, so people who are in the UK will not see ads that are targeting the US. Skype also respect the users, allowing them to opt out the non-personal demographics information with the advertisers simply by going to Privacy tab in Tools ▸ Options. As much as I love the idea of ads on Skype, I really hope it doesn’t show up on my Skype, unless it’s a very creative ad which is entertaining, otherwise, please be ad free.

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