Skype from your TV via Comcast


TV will soon replace telephone with this new product, Skype-enabled TV. In the future, you will head to the television when something is ringing, instead of the phone.

That’s pretty cool.

Through the partnership with the Internet TV service provider,Comcast,  Skype-enabled TV is available to subscribers who rent a video kit from Comcast starting next year.

Subscribers will be able to make and receive calls from their Skype contacts via TV,  regardless whether their contacts are also using a TV for Skype. Besides being able to call via TV, usual  function such as chatting with text messages is not excluded. A remote with keyboard will be given for the purpose of text messaging.

This is the first time Skype being enabled for all TVs that subscribe to Comcast. Previously, only users with Skype-enabled TV are able to use the service.

Price of the service is still unknown but I guess subscribing Comcast will be cheaper than buying a Skype-enabled television.



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