Skype launches on PlayStation Vita can do video calls in the middle of gaming sessions

The Microsoft owned Skype make its debut on Sony’s Playstation Vita. This will allow users to make free video calls through Skype. Now it is rolling out in the United Stated and this coming week it will be available for download in Europe and Asia.

Users are now available to make free video calls through Skype. This means that while users are on the go, they can keep in touch with gamers around the world through 3G, WiFi and WiFi models. If they add some credit on their Skype account, it would be efficient for users to make phone calls to landlines and mobile phones directly from their PlayStation Vita though. The gaming device can also be used as a ‘mobile phone’ instead of only a gaming device though.

Manrique Brenes, senior director, consumer electronics group at Skype said:

“Our users appreciate being able to access Skype features wherever and whenever they choose. With the launch of Skype for PS Vita, we are taking another step towards our ultimate goal of making Skype video calling available on every platform, all over the world, and meeting the demands of existing PlayStation users to offer video on a gaming console.”

The Skype app is running in the ‘background mode’ which means that users can ‘pause’ a game to conduct a call while they are gaming.

‘’We’re never going to be an Android marketplace or an App Store like on iOS, but we will have a number of very key and critical non-gaming apps that tie in gaming in a very unique way. You’ll see that as we go add certain non-gaming apps’’ said John Koller.

So this gaming device can also be called as a Skype phone?

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