SlideWriter app is bringing better text selection to iPad

Editing and selecting text on the iPad is not that convenient for some people.  Now the SlideWriter app is allowing you to edit text faster by sliding your finger above the keyboard!

So what is your experience by typing on the iPad? It seems like typing and editing on the iPad is not that easy as on a laptop or computer. Even though iPad owners are aware of that but it could be easier that now it is.

Last week, Daniel Hooper has launched an iPad text editing demo which is showing an easy way to edit text on the iPad. It will make it simpler and faster though! As you can see in the video, you need to use a finger or two to be dragged across the keyboard to move the cursor.  So now it is much easier and quicker to move the cursor to the exact spot which will save some time and stress.

The team of SlideWriter describes :

‘’SlideWriter for iOS lets you quickly move the cursor or select text by sliding your finger above the keyboard. It makes editing text faster and much easier than tapping and holding for every edit. It does not require a jailbreak, all functions of the built-in keyboard stay intact including splitting the keyboard.’’

SlideWriter is an upcoming app so it is not yet available in the App Store. Follow them on Twitter to be updated about this app. If this app is not for free, would you buy it?


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