SmallDemons – The Real Behind the Curtains Story

Small Demons – what does the name sound like to you? A Cult? A Forum of evils, who lurk around in the night looking to haunt people? Or problem children who have finally found a way to make their way up-to prodigy supervillain status?

If it’s the California based startup, we for sure don’t have a clue what they are up to. But they are covered in Techcrunch because they recently rolled $3 million in series A funding, on top of a 750,000 angel investment in the very beginning.

The startup’s credibility stretches further because the people behind it are ex Yahoo! Product Vice Presidents Tony Amidei and Valla Vakili + ex MySpace VP of Data and their Data Architect.

While the whole world has been pondering what this site maybe all about, we are (almost) absolutely certain Small Demon is going to be a personal interests/news aggregation site, which takes a bit of Twitter, StumbleUpon and IMDb lists ( hey we know there are other list websites, the author just uses the IMDb list regularly, hence the attribution).

When Techcrunch can’t be certain, how can we? Here’s the logic behind it.

  1. SmallDemon’s slogan was once “Unlocking the world’s stories”
  2. The Twitter profile reads: “When you love something so much you want to experience everything attached to it.”
  3. Its terms of services mention UGC
  4. Both the ex Yahoo! VPs were once related to a news aggregation startup
  5. SmallDemon’s main page image is a 90 degree rotated image of an S, which has partial collages of book covers.

Mashing the logics together, here is our take:

Facts 1 and 4 demonstrates SmallDemon was clearly encouraged by the Twitter events in Iran, which showed the world how important general people can be when breaking stories. This might have influenced the naming itself, small demons changing how the world breaks stories.

The 2nd , 3rd and 5th point indicate personal list-like instances, where micro communities of like-minded people may be formed based on specific interests, and interesting conversations might take place on specific books or in any particular interesting genre.

However, only time can tell what they are up-to.

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