Smartphone + Wristwatch = Smartwatch by InPulse

Whenever my phone vibrates during a meeting, it’s very difficult for me to concentrate. What if it’s an emergency? What if someone needs me right now? I end up fidgeting and I’d have a hard time paying attention. I’d stare at my watch and wonder how much longer that meeting is going to take – I must read that message. But thanks to InPulse, backed up by Y Combinator, browsing through my SMS messages and email is as simple (and well-mannered) as looking at  my watch.

As a cyclist, Eric Migicovsky wanted a hands-free device that would allow him to check his messages while he was on the go. Thus was born the idea of putting a smartphone in his watch. It is connected through Bluetooth to your phone and will show alerts for new email, SMS messages and phone calls. It can also be connected to other Bluetooth devices such as computers and laptops like Mac, Linux and Windows.

What’s cool about this wristwatch is that it is possible for the user to install various apps. One app can make your watch turn into an iTunes  controller while another can turn it into a remote control for your PowerPoint presentation. And another very important app (at least to a certain age group) allows you to log on to your Facebook account to check for notifications. Over 30 apps have been created for the watch which can be accessed through this site.

I am definitely going to consider buying this. Let me know if this is a good product or not if you’ve tried it!

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