SnapNPlay: Android app reads and plays sheet music

SnapNPlay is an Android app and is designed to read sheet music and play it back to you. So when you can’t read a sheet of music, you still can hear the tunes through your SnapNPlay app.

This app can read sheet music printed on paper through the camera. How cool is that to let your phone read a sheet of music and play it back to you. It is very simple, just take a snapshot of a sheet of music or of your computer screen and the app will recognize and scan the notes.

I think that this can be very useful app for musicians like when they want to check the version of the music on the sheet. Or if a person wants to buy a sheet of music for someone and if this person cannot read music notes, then this app would be so very useful!

The free demo version and full paid version are now available in the Google Play Store. The free demo version will allow users to play the music and change the tempo. The difference between the demo version and the full paid version is that you need the full paid version to set they key and clef. The full paid version is now for SGD 4, 99.

As the Bing Translator can be used by just pointing the camera on the text, then this app could also be possible by just pointing on the sheet of music. Developers will be working on it, so maybe that would be possible in the future?!

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