Sneakpeeq – The More You “Peek”, The Cheaper It Becomes

I found a special shopping site that incorporates social and fun elements to make buying experience fun.

Sneakpeeq is a flash sales website that offer specialty items such as women’s apparel, accessories, makeup, or even food. However, price of these items are not shown until you open up the item and click the “peeq”
button. The best part of this is the price will decrease every time you peeq on it. And of course, there is a limit such that you are only allocated 10 peeqs every day.

To buy the item, you will need to click on the “buy now” button within 15 seconds. Otherwise the window for purchasing the product will disappear and you will need another peek to come back to buy later. In addition, buying later will mean having the risk for the items to be sold out.

I have tried to play with the website. It was pretty addictive and effective. I keep peeqing on items to collect points until my peeq limit is out and in the end I invited a Facebook friend so that I can get two more peeqs.

There are also  interesting social features of the website such as  “get advice” and “send to friends” . With those two features, you can ask opinion from your Facebook friends or suggest the items to them.

This San Francisco-based startup have a clever business model: Sneakpeeq do not hold any inventory as it does not purchase any of these items ahead of time. Purchase will only be made when customer places an order.

Sneakpeeq has accumulated over 100, 000 registered users within the first three weeks after it launches.



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