Social food journal Burpple launches iOS app

An Instagram only for food? The free new iOS app Burpple will allow users to post their mails by uploading their delicious or interesting photos. This is an easy way to explore and remember food moments with your friends.

Burpple is a Singapore-based social food journal and is all about connecting food and people. So that’s why the name Burpple is a combination of the words ‘burp’ and ‘people’. This is not only popular in Singapore but also in other 30 countries such as Malaysia, U.S, Philippines, Indonesia and Australia. The reason that this app could be that popular is because it is kind of Instagram, but only for food.

According to the co-founder Dixon Chan: “We’re surprised that people were uploading hundreds and hundreds of photos [during the beta] without any formal integration with other sites.”

In this food journal you can customize your own boxes with your own theme and names such as ‘Home-Cooked’ or ‘Must Try’. So in this case, you will be able to customize your whole own journal. The date will be added to each photo, but the location is optional. However, this app is made to explore and remember food moments, so would be interesting to use the location option though.

As you can see on the print screens, this app got a Timeline, which will create a clear view of your journal.

Like Twitter, people can follow each other and also share posts on Facebook. The sound of a ‘reBurpp’ is quite similar to the sound of Twitter.

Burpple is now available for iOS and can be downloaded for free from the App Store. Nowadays, food-related photos and status updates can be read everywhere on Social Media. So are you now ready to create your own food journal in order to share and explore food with your friends?

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