Social Printshop Brings Facebook to Real Life

Remember the Hi5 days where we would create our profile, decorate it, put on the best display picture, and constantly checks the number of our visitors? Social ego is what Benjamin Lotan call it and he’s utilizing this ego into a business, launching the Social Printshop where Facebook users can make a collage of their fans, followers, and friends.

Lotan’s goal is to add tangibility to the social media relationships by producing the Facebook fan/friend posters, Twitter prints, and other social media mini-photo albums and stickers for users that enjoys seeing the avatar of their social media life in an artsy phenomenon. Lotan also admits that he is indeed, building a business based on satisfying the ego of the customers.

Social Printshop began with releasing the Facebook Friend Poster which is a simple printed poster with all of the Facebook friends that a user may have, all lined up in mini-squares, priced at USD25, the Facebook Friend Poster became an instant hit among the egoist who needs to feed their soul with a shot of the social media scene before going to bed everynight.

Mashable, one of our favorite follow blurbed that they will be creating the world’s largest real-life Facebook Wall of their 500,000 fans to be put on display at their New York headquarters with the service of Social Printshop. If you want to display your social achievements of your followers on Twitter and your friends on Facebook then Social Printshop is definitely your next quick stop to shop.

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