Social Radio App turns Twitter stream into personalized radio stations


Are you too lazy to read your unlimited tweets or is it quite boring? Now the Social Radio app is a iOS and Android app that reads your incoming tweets aloud with your own music collection as background music. Sounds nice!

The Social Radio app is an app that will reads your tweets aloud as automated text-to-speech voices. As people have differences preferences, there is an option which you can switch the voice between male and female.  There is automatic language detection for each tweet so users can listen to their Twitter Timeline, lists, trending topics, hashtags and searches. This Social Radio App enables people to listen to their tweets as radio while they are driving, jogging or working, which could be fun and efficient!

During the breaks between your tweets, you are able to listen to your favourite music. You can choose a song from your own iPhone music collection and the sound will reduce during reading your tweets and the music will pop up to its full volume when you don’t have any new tweets.

Just need to download the app and log in into your Twitter account. Then you need to choose a song from your music collection, which will be played during breaks between your tweets. After that, you can play your Twitter as a radio or you can use Twitter as a radio!

Do you like to listen to your Twitter Timeline or will you choose a trending topic to enjoy it like the radio? Let us know your experience with Social Radio app.

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