Socialflow will help you publish your tweets at the right time

Each brand would like to optimize their performance on Social Media as aim to get the maximum exposure for their status updates. So what is the right time to tweet for a relevant message? What is a relevant message? Or who is your audience exactly? For $99 per month, Socialflow will help you to analyse your followers and Twitter and Facebook stream. The service is currently just for $1 for one month if you sign up.

To make a major impact on Twitter and Facebook, brands or individuals should understand the audiences and their languages. So what is the best time to tweet and who is your audience? Socialflow is alble to analyse Twitter and Facebook because they have access to Facebook data streams and to Twitter’s firehouse. Tweeting is a daily activity for a lot of brands and individuals. Like Frank Speiser said, founder of Socialflow: ‘’ We think this is something that could benefit a lot of individuals, not just big brands. If you have tens of thousands of followers, you don’t want to pollute their stream with errant noise’’.

The Optimized Publusher is the first platform which can analyse real-time audience availability, accessibility, engagement, topics and attention on the social graph. The AttentionScore in the Optimized Publisher will ranked the social content from 0 to 100 on the scale to create a clear view of your social graph.

This concept would allow brands and individuals to fully understand their audience which will bring the relationship more closely to each other. If you have a lot of followers, would you sign up at Socialflow to get to know your followers better? It could make your tweets more efficient?


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