Software by MS Windows, Hardware by Nokia

Step aside Google Android and Apple iOS, a new competitor is about to enter the scene. Microsoft and Nokia finally signed a definitive agreement that sealed the deal between them, a deal that they announced in February. Nokia can finally ditch its Symbian OS for the (in my opinion, much better thank God) Windows Phone software to create a new ecosystem of Nokia hardware and Microsoft software. The Nokia-build Windows Phones are now in development, “with the aim of securing volume device shipments in 2012,” the companies announced.

Of course the two wouldn’t team up unless there are advantages for both. Microsoft gains the power of Nokia’s mapping and navigation platform which is sure to enhance Microsoft’s Bing search engine while Nokia engineers are busy creating hardware for the Windows phone. At the same time these mapping services will also show up on Nokia phones running Windows Phone.

To ease the transition of movement of Symbian developers to the Windows phone OS, according to a Nokia spokes person, “All Symbian developers will have a free registration for the next year for the Windows developers program.” Also, Nokia will open a Nokia-branded app store based on the Windows Marketplace infrastructure wherein developers can distribute their apps for Windows Phone, Symbian or Series 40 devices.

So what do you think of this team-up? Power couple or not meant to be?

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