Space-Time app for iOS: request a person’s location by sending a text message or iMessage

Want to locate your friends and family? Space-Time is the new iOS app that allows you to find your friends and family without any necessary tool.

Space-Time app for iOS locates a contact on a map by texting a person a link to click on it. There are already some apps such as ‘Find my friends’ or ‘Google Latitude’ which allow you to locate friends and family. However, it won’t work if that other person hasn’t installed the same app!

The iOS Space-Time app uses SMS and HTML5 location to find a person with GPS locator and a modern browser. How it works? Open the app and just by clicking on ‘Request Someone’s Location’’ and then a text message or iMessage will be sent to that person. The recipient will receive a customized link and by pressing on that link it will gives permission to show the location. So in this case, you can request a location anytime and anywhere as long that person is using a GPS locator and modern browser!



Actually, this app is perfect when someone is lost or cannot find the destination, so friends and family can help them through this app. I think the privacy of this app is way better than the other apps as you need to give permission to let people find you.

This app is now available for free in the iTunes App Store. So this will be the solution to not get lost?


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