SpinCam app for iOS captures and shares 360° scenes

Have you ever wanted to make a panoramic video with your camera?  The new iOS app SpinCam will let you capture a video in a cool panoramic way. Just spin around in a circle!

As you all know, there are a lot of photographic apps, but SpinCam is unique. This app will shoot 360° scene of your moment. It seems like this is a combination between a video and panoramic photos. So how to use SpinCam? By holding up your phone, you just need to spin around in a circle and within a few seconds you have created a panoramic-style image. After that, you can rotate and view your image from every angle!

According to Josh Aller, CEO of SpinCam, he told Mashable:

“Spins really fall into a new category of interactive media that is ideal for concisely sharing an experience’. Though it takes just seconds to capture, viewers typically explore the spin for over 30 seconds. That inversion of capture time to viewing time is unique to this form of visual media. We see people using SpinCam to capture panoramas simply because it’s faster and easier than with panoramic capture apps like Photosynth. We don’t see Spins as a replacement for panoramic images but it’s so much easier to capture a Spin that many folks are using SpinCam for that purpose.We also think it’s great that it’s mostly people that are being Spun, not places or things”

In my opinion, it is faster and easier to use SpinCam instead of Photosynth. With both apps, you can shoot an image of 360° scene, but there is a difference. By using Photosynth, you need to press on the shooting button by each image in order to create a panoramic view.  But there is no need to press on any the button during shooting the image with the SpinCam app. As I said before, you just need to capture the image as a video and within a few seconds the panoramic view is created!


SpinCam has been already downloaded for like 200,000 times and more than 6,000 users shared their images. The great thing of this app is that you can share your 360° scene directly on Facebook after you captured the image. Your friends will be able to see the 360° scene by clicking and rotating the image. However, SpinCam is still planning to integrate email, Twitter and SMS in the future.  So we need to be patient…. Now you can download this app and experience the panoramic images! And no worries tor Android users, they are still developing this app for you!

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