Spotify Android app finally gets Ice Cream Sandwich overhaul

The Spotify app for Android had a major update! From top to bottom it has been redesigned and now the new version is in beta, but it is ready to download.

Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming services and is trying to increase the mobile experience for its users. The app is totally redesigned and got some new features. The most important update is that the app now runs a lot faster and the tracks are buffering quicker.

The design of Spotify is quite fancy and shiny which it match the style of Google’s Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich apps though. The new design creates a better organized view due to visual drop-down menus and larger buttons.

There are some new features such as downloading playlists and tracks. It is much easier because there is now a giant ‘DOWNLOAD’ button at the top of every playlist. Once you downloaded the playlists, it would be separated and marked which it will provide a clear and simple view.

The slide-out navigation has been reorganized and now you have the ability to peek at your friends profile pages and playlist. It seems like the PC version of Spotify.

So update your Spotify on your Android phone and let us know your experience with this new app. It is now available in Google Play.

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