Stalking Your Child Has Never Been This Easy

Parents and guardians alike rejoice, it’s time to put an end to your baby-sitting woes! (and by baby-sitting I mean keeping track of where your teenager has been going to these days) Now we all know what a huge headache these kids can be, going to places that they shouldn’t go to and doing things that they shouldn’t be doing just because they think it’s fun. It’s all right to let them have some fun to a certain extent, but at their age, sometimes they just don’t know what too much fun is.

(Side note: Although it may seem as if I have all these experiences as a parent, I’m not one yet. I just know what it’s like to be a teenager)

So anyway, here’s the new iPhone and iPad app Footprints that lets you and your family know where that darn teenager has been going at exactly the moment when he’s there. Using it is simple. It guides you through a quick set-up process and then it simply runs in the background. It was designed to be an efficient app, being able to run without draining the battery. Once installed, permissions will be given to the individuals who wish to view the location of the device. A pass code can also be put to make sure that the app will not be uninstalled.

After the set up is finally finished, the location is then provided in real time. It also notifies the speed movement so parents can know how fast their kids are driving.

This app is not exclusive to parent-child relationships of course. It can also be used between couples who have ongoing trust issues with one another. It can also be used for businesses for bossess to keep track of whether or not their employees are really going to where they’re supposed to go to.

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