Starbucks Giveaway For Foursquare Users

Times and times again, we have said it, social media is one of the most powerful tools there is in the market, and best of all – it is free. Any retailer that utilizes the information that has been posted on the social networking space is wise, Starbucks being one of them. To celebrate its 40th Anniversary, Starbucks decided to giveaway free $40 randomly to people that checks in using Foursquare.

Customers can also engage in their ‘Tribute Badge,’ competition, where the customers will be designing Starbucks a badge for its followers. In addition, Starbucks will also be rolling out their new “Petite,” pastries which sound appealing to me right now, along with its new logo and also ad campaign.

What I like about the reward for Foursquare users is that it really brings the non-tangible to be tangible things for the users. I mean, being a mayor to Starbucks meant that a user gets crown that he or she cannot eat or drink, it was just a social status but with this special promotion and giveaway, one can actually get something out of their favorite retail store.

It definitely adds a bit of customer loyalty sense into interacting online with the brand. A few weeks ago, I interviewed Aneace Haddad of who tries to bring the same sort of endorsement, bringing the non-tangible to be tangible. Now that I see Starbucks using a simple yet effective promotion, I couldn’t help but to wonder when retailers in Singapore would catch up with this trend. Since most Singaporeans uses iPhone, I won’t be surprised that they will be engaged with the promotion if a retailer decides to make one.

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