Starbucks makes Valentine’s Day an augmented reality

Starbucks is making Valentine’s Day more fun and special during your drink! They have launched reality (AR) cups to encourage customers to buy one for a loved one. You just need to download the app from the Apple App Store or Android Market to be able to enjoy Starbucks virtual gift. There are only few major marketers who attempt an AR program and Starbucks has been one of it.

These heart-adorned cups are designed to celebrate Valentine’s Day. The hearts on the cup are a part of a mobile reality program.  You need to download the ‘Starbucks Cup Magic” App which you can use to enjoy the Starbucks Valentine reality gift.  As in the video, you have to put the cups within your phone’s field of vision and then your display will appear images of heart-shaped flowers flying off the cup. You can send and share your video through Social Media; however eGifting feature is only available in the US.

This kind of mobile technology is attractive for smartphone users, which this campaign of Starbucks could be a success.  Retailers need to embrace mobile internet as Starbucks to increase the in-store experience. Last year in 2011, Starbucks launched a mobile payment program app ant it has been used in more than 26 million transactions. If retailers provide Wi-Fi access in their store, customers will be able to download Apps from the Apple App store or Android Market.

This type of campaign only works for customers who are using a smartphone.  However, this could make the stay at Starbucks much more fun and interesting.  Would you go to the Starbucks to experience the ‘Starbucks Cup Magic’?

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