Starbucks teams up with Lady Gaga on Scavenger Hunt

When Starbucks’s customers scan QR codes on in-store banner, magnetic chalkboards and posters, they will get the clues for Starbucks’s seven-round scavenger hunt.

“SRCH by Starbucks featuring Lady Gaga” is a two-week scavenger hunt by Starbucks in partnerships with Lady Gaga. It has just been started.

To play the game, customers need to visit certain blogs  and Starbucks digital properties, decode cryptic messages and  use their math, logic, reading and pop culture to solve it. The first players to finish the hunt will be rewarded with Starbucks and Lady Gaga related prizes. The game is designed to encourage group play so that there are things to talk about and share among their customers and the public.

The second round of the game which will take place on May 23, coincides with the release of Lady Gaga’s third studio album, Born This Way. On May 23, Starbucks will play Lady Gaga’s music for the first time in history. Besides, Gaga will take over Starbucks Digital Network for that day which means customers will be invited to stream a special edition of Gaga’s album and receive a free “Edge of Glory” download and watch an exclusive video by Lady Gaga herself.

This partnerships will definitely benefits both Gaga and Starbucks. Gaga will have more exposure for her new album and Starbucks can build a deeper relationships with its most engaged customers.

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