Statigram – Analytics For Your Instagram Photos

For avid users of iPhone photo sharing app, Instagram , this app will be very useful.

Statigram is a third-party Instagram application that will give you a overall view of your photo-sharing activities.With Statigram, you can see metrics, charts and graph reflecting analysis of your contact’s actions on your photos.

A result that shows all your Instagram activities will be displayed in a profile page and it can be shared with other people.

Date of your first Instagram photo, total number of photos, counts and average of all comments and “like” , and other are among the features that will be included in the page. Your photos will also be ordered by “likes” and “comments”. Frequent actions such as liking people, used filters are also included in the page.

This France-based startup Tripnity is also developer for other iPhone app such as Patchlife.

Here is an example of the profile page:


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