Step Aside, Gilt And Vente Privée. Is In Town

Last night, Amazon released its new private sales website The company claims that it will compete with sites such as Glit Groupe and RueLaLa, both of which will soon be owned by eBay.

Coincidently, the launch of also came out during the day that the news of Vente Privée, a billion dollar company that started the category and is still ruling it, is about to enter the United States soon.

Although Amazon is a great company and it is by far the best e-commerce operator in the world, we’re still not so sure if it can really “bloom” in this area. This is a sort of new venture for Amazon, because unlike e-commerce markets which relies on the execution of the consumer side, flash sales are difficult to nail since they are dependent on B2B relationships with brands… Something that Amazon is not yet used to.

Vente Privée has been consistently a strong player in Europe and ever since, both Amazon and eBay have been trying to beat the company… To no avail. Glit Groupe has also been exceeding in this category.

Do you think Amazon has a chance in its new venture?

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