Store emails on a USB Drive for offline access

Isn’t it troublesome when you can’t access your emails when there is no Internet access and you are not carrying your own laptop?

What you will usually do is to use a software like Microsoft Outlook to download all your emails to the computer beforehand so that you can read them in offline mode. Another alternative will be an email clients like Windows Live Mail that helps you to download messages.

However, there are some drawbacks:

a)You can’t carry emails on a USB drive with those email clients.

b)Outlook is considered a heavy tool if you only want  only offline access to your Gmail messages and nothing extra.

So what is the solution?


Mailstore is FREE, there’s a portable version for your USB stick and best of all, it works out of the box with your email account without requiring any configuration.

How to back up your emails using MailStore:

1) Install/unzip the software to a folder.

2) Select the email accounts(can be your Gmail accounts, Microsoft Exchange, old Outlook PST files, Thunderbird and any other web email service that supports either IMAP or POP3) that you want to archive.

MailStore will pull your email messages from all these places into a central location.In addition, you can criteria to skip emails that are older than certain number of days.

That’s it. What a convenient tool.

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