Street Bump app detects potholes, tells city officials


In Boston, an app is created to detect potholes.  Workers are not able to figure out where all the potholes are, because cities are too big. So the Street Bump app can sense a pothole from a bump.

The accelerometer of the phone will detect the pothole when a bump is hit. Of course the app should be loaded during the trip,  then the data about the size of the bump with GPS coordinate will pairs up. When an amount of people hit the same spot, the app will recognizes it as a pothole. According to Nigel Jacob the co-chair of the mayor’s office of New Urban Mechanics, this app is created to have a ‘real-time’ map of road conditions for Boston and other cities. Therefore roads can be prepared quicker. However, there is a possibility that the app Street Bumps will drain the batteries. So, how people can make use of this app during their long trip?

This app would be launched to the public this summer.  However, this app was already developed and tested last year, but with failure.  The data which was detected after the hit was a mess. But despite all of this, the developers and the city will be able to solve these problems for this summer release.

The challenge of this Android app is to normalize the different accelerometers across the different devices.  As Nigel Jacob said: ‘‘accelerometers on Android devices vary widely in terms of accuracy. So far our favorites are HTC and Samsung’’. So currently, municipal workers are testing Street Bump and we have to wait for the results this summer.

Do you think that Street Bump will be as perceived as objective or either subjective?


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