StumbleUpon is no longer blue and green and is now.. orange?

StumbleUpon, the popular content haven of the World Wide Web, has gotten a fresh new look with its complete makeover. It is not only the logo that has now come to be synonymous with the site that has been redesigned to a minimalist version; the entire site has received similar treatment.  The new StumbleUpon is a sleek, visually-appealing content hub that is designed to better streamline content and improve readability. The feature that allowed users to customize the site with colours and themes was done away with as they overwhelmed the content and main features of the site. The result is a clean, visually driven interface that places StumbleUpon in a very favourable place to compete with social media bigwigs such as Facebook and Twitter.


Another notable new feature on StumbleUpon that had industry watchers raving about was the debut of Channels on the site. While previously the participation of brands, publications and celebrities were thought to intrude upon the StumbleUpon experience, they now have a home in the form of channels where they could publish their own content and promote themselves. In addition, users will also only get updates which StumbleUpon determines that they will be interested in from the channels they subscribe to.


Channels are also part of the site’s recent move to focus on specificity, which also led to the development of their StumbleBar. Similar to the Google bar that was released earlier this year, the StumbleBar makes navigating the site a breeze with drop down menus for more features and is certainly far from cumbersome while Stumbling. The bar also features a new Explore search box that allows users to shift through tens of millions of content with specific key words instead of only being able to search broad categories created by StumbleUpon before. How’s that for an upgrade?

This facelift could possibly lead to increased web traffic into StumbleUpon with the increased ease in navigating the endless amount of content generated on the web. Users who more specifically indicate their interests could allow advertisers to better target ads which would greatly up the ante for the social web discovery site which recently surpassed 20 million users. Has the team behind the new StumbleUpon stumbled upon a formula for social media greatness with this makeover? That is certainly the question that is in everyone’s minds right now. However, judging from the response of users on this change, I reckon Twitter and Facebook had better watch their backs. There is a new (old) kid on the block.

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