Summify joins the Twitter flock

What is Summify? from Summify on Vimeo.

Latest news from the Twitterverse! Summify has joined the flock!

What exactly is was Summify? With the avalanche of updates that come your way on news feeds, Twitter dashboards and more every time you log in to a social networking site, one could easily be caught up on catching up with updates, including annoying irrelevant ones that you wish you could have skipped, and that reduces productivity.

And that is where Summify came to the rescue! It displays a summarized stream of updates that are sorted according to the number of times the links are shared/retweeted (hence being seen as a popular must-read topic by Summify) and also takes your reading preferences into account through the links you click on.

The Summify team has decided to shut down their current service in the near future as they join the team at Twitter. What will Twitter be getting from this? In the team’s own words:

What will you be doing at Twitter?

We are joining Twitter’s Growth team and will continue to explore ways to help people connect and engage with relevant, timely news.

While many industry watchers are still uncertain as to what the Summify team will be doing at Twitter, some reckon that they may help in developing the new “Discover” tab that Twitter has introduced last year with its overhaul.

And yet another promising start-up has gone to the dogs, oops, I mean birds.

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