Super-Social INQ Phones

INQ Mobile and Foursquare announced that they were collaborating on a  home screen experience for INQ’s lineup of Android devices on Monday. The collaboration will allow users to discover nearby locations via Foursquare easily using the phone.

OS-level Foursquare integration will be offered for better location-sharing and recommendation features from Foursquare. This case is similar to Facebook integration in the INQ’s “Facebook Phone”.INQ Mobile has also worked with Facebook to release INQ Cloud Touch, a Facebook integrated Android smartphone.

Foursquare wrote on the company blog that users can check in and explore without even firing up the application because it’s built directly into the Android system.

In addition, users will be able to swipe back and forth between Facebook and Foursquare home screens, depending on what they are doing , what they are looking for and who they want to connect with. So, Facebook and Foursquare are expected to compete for user attention on INQ devices’ dual home screens.

To heavy Facebook or Foursquare users, you can consider getting this phone:



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