Sync Office with Google Docs using GDocsOpen App

Google Doc’s sole purpose is to allow several number of users to simultaneously edit a single document or file. This is especially useful if a group is working on a single report or project. I’ve used Google Docs many times and it really saves you the hassle of typing out the same thing that your group member has typed and redoing everything later.

But the thing is, personally I don’t really type on the interface of Google Docs itself. I open my MS Word, pleased with how clean it looks without the distraction of all the other colorful cursors blinking in my face. In fact, I get so distracted that I end up not typing and just watching in awe what my other group members are typing (its pretty cool when text all of a sudden appears). So instead I type everything in Word then simply copy-paste my work later on to the Google Docs file. Which is kinda stressful especially if the format screws up.

And then your group members keep on wondering and nagging you if you’re doing your part.

So I got really pleased when I found out that this application exists: By installing GDocsOpen, you will be able to edit documents in your computer and with a simple click of a button, it will automatically update the file on Google Docs. Everything is synchronized, no more fixing formats, no more unnecessary copy-pasting, etc. etc. Also once the application is closed, it automatically updates the Google Docs as well. It even allows you to access all Google Docs without having to go to the website itself.

Oh and another thing – it creates an online back-up file while you are doing your work. Definitely worth the money.


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