Tag Friends in Facebook Comments

The @ Mentions feature is one of my favorite tools on Facebook, it saves me time from having to go to 5 different people’s profile, copy the exact same message and paste on their wall. The @ Mentions feature lets us be more involved as Facebook now allows us to use the feature on the comments.

Facebook released the tagging options for users in September 2009, this particular tagging feature lets the user include their friends and pages in their status and wall posts but not in the comments that you make on your friends status or wall posts. According to Inside Facebook, users can now type a ‘@’ symbol follow by their friends’ name to add their friends into the comment. This feature is also available for ‘Facebook as a Page,’ Admins, in other words, the admins can also mention people or other pages in their comments to boost activity on their page.

Josh Constine of Inside Facebook also added that the Facebook @ Mentions feature is created to encourage users to be more engaged in longer conversation within the comments, posts, or updates; this engagement leads to more return visits on a Page which is beneficial for the organization. Of course, this engagement is also fun for individuals, in my opinion.

I tried to use the @ Mentions feature this morning but no drop down menu showed up, not sure if it’s just available to some users or continent, hopefully, I can use it soon. In the mean time, what do you think of this @ Mentions feature in comments? Are you happy, annoyed, excited, or can’t wait to be untagged?

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