5 Awesome Task Management Apps for iPhone & iPad

To do lists is always something useful for a person who juggles with a lot of tasks and need to remember a lot of different things. Before having an iPhone, I always used to depend on paper, notebooks & sticky notes. But now with an iPhone and iPad taking notes and managing to do lists is a bliss.

Here are some apps that I have personally found very useful:




You will be able to create multiple “To Do” lists with this app. The lists can be synced easily when it is connected to the web. In addition, you can share the   lists with others. The app is also available on both Android and iOS platform. And best of all, free of charge.





This is not a cheap app that costs at least at $30++ but it lets you create projects, lists within those projects and email tasks. Also, it has very good interface.



Google Tasks

For fans of Google, this might be the one that you want. Tasks can be synced across platforms and devices via the cloud. It works with Google Calendar too.





Tasks can be given due dates and emailed.  You can also check off  things that you have done. It can be synced with Dropbox and other platforms.





It comes with templates and great interface. Besides, it is compatible with desktop too. You will be able to add different fields to lists as well. But, this app is quite expensive.

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