Tech predictions for 2012

Countdown to 2012 has started, and as usual it is a high time to list all predictions for the tech world. Apple did not launch long awaited iPhone 5, but well let’s have a closer look that tech gurus envision and promise for the upcoming year.

1. Facebook acquires Digg: in 2012 Facebook won’t experiment with interface and still gonna embrace the same growth strategy but may no longer be focused on increasing number of “likes”. The first step was already made, Digg uses Facebook’s OpenGraph, so in 2012 Facebook might buy Digg that will enable users to “Digg” people on a Facebook so that those Diggs appear alongside Likes, Readings, Watching etc.

2. “Fresh Ends” technology as a new way to attract visitors to cinemas: 3D movies cannot do much anymore to force people go to cinema rather than spend night on a coach, so scientists together with Hollywood script writers will use “this” new technology to give fresh blood for some of the most popular films.

3. SOPA will come into force: Stop Online Piracy Act will go beyond activists’ movement becoming a legal act. However, it is not clear that will be labeled piracy and debatable either SOPA will help to protect IP rights or rather prevent content creators to create something new. As a contra-step, an underground Internet (The UnderWebs) will arise and kill the government-policed Internet.

4. Apple 5-inch Tablet Phone Hybrid: Apple will take a middle road, and instead of releasing 4.5-inch iPhone 5 or 7-inch iPad 3 will make its fans queuing for a 5-inch gadget that can be used as a tablet and to make calls.

5. Google+ will unveil all potentials: Google search engine will undergo organic change and even might be renamed as “Google+”. Putting sight “+” before typing anything in search query will put Google+ search results on top of all results. Hitting double “+” will enable user to enter a new Google+ post.

6. Asimo Home Helper Robot for $1,999: Honda will put into production fully operational home helper robot that can walk, run, make breakfast, clean toilets.

7. Kindle Fire enters the Old Continent: Amazon’s budget tablet, Kindle Fire, will be released in UK. The plan is to launch a new advanced version of Kindle Fire internationally before the 2012 Christmas.

8. YouView for You: the long awaited internet connected TV set top box from BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Five, BT, Ariqiva, and TalkTalk will be finally launched, after 2 years of intensive improvements.

9. Google+ won’t be a social network: Google+ will step back from social network competition and become one additional Google feature. Google “circles” will definitely remain but re-function.

10. Future for RIM is grim: Blackberry can no longer be a called a smartphone. All updates are already dated when they came into place, tablets never appear on the top gadgets list, share prices are so low that Amazon started to look into buying RIM. Even though RIM executives deny all rumors, the 2012 year does not promise bright outlook.

11. Google’s monopoly under scrutiny: Google’s dominance over web search engines forced the European Commission to raise a question weather web search giant uses this dominance to promote its sideline businesses. The rumors are that the evidence is strong enough to make Eric Schmidt seek settlement to avoid costly legal quagmire.

All in all, lots of changes are predicted for Goodle, and at this point would like to highlight more general trends forecasted for technology environment. For example, Gartner’s Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2012 are focused on mobility and the incorporation of consumer mobile devices in the enterprise:

1. media tablets and beyond
2. mobile-centric applications and interfaces
3. contextual and social user experience
4. Internet of things
5. app stores and marketplaces
6. next-generation analytics
7. big data
8. in-memory computing
9. extreme low-energy servers
10. cloud computing

In other words, consumerization of IT will only boost and as implication endless opportunities for smartphones are predicted.

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  1. Jim S Reply December 27, 2011 at 8:23 pm

    Interesting predictions here. I’m eager to see how many of these will occur! I came across another site that has some other unique 2012 tech predictions