Temple Run is now available for Android phones

Finally the popular iOS game Temple Run is now available for Android users. Later than expected, but it is ready for download from Google Play!

Imangi Studios announced that Temple Run for Android will be released in February 2012, but now finally they have released this game.

In 2008, Temple Run was created by Imangi Studios. Temple Run has been a hit for iOS, because it has been downloaded over 36 million times. This app is actually a simple game where you will be chased by skull-faced monkeys. But simple enough to became number #1 free iOS app, because the player just needs to ‘run’ as far as possible by avoiding obstacles.

This endless 3D running game is an adventure through an ancient temple which is creating amazing effects though. However, this game can let you play for hours, so be prepared.  All you need to do is jump (slide finger forward), turn (slide finger to the right or left) and duck (slide finger backwards). And guess what? You only need one hand to play this game!

According to Keith Shepher:

”We are excited to finally share the Android release date with our fans who have been so enthusiastic and supportive of Temple Run. By expanding to more mobile devices, we hope to provide the same addictive and fast-paced gameplay to an entirely new group of players.”

If you can get enough from just ‘running’, you can purchase ‘powerups’ to make the game more beneficial! So are you ready for the monkeys?



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