Texting without looking

Ever wished to type on your smartphone without looking? This new prototype app called BraillTouch and is allowing you to text without looking.

This new technology is developed by Georgia Tech in order to enable mobile users to text while they are walking, watching TV or socializing without waking their eyes. As Mario Romero, a Postdoctoral Fellow who led the project said: “Almost everyone has to look at the keyboard when they send a text message. We lose sight every time we text. And I don’t think that’s right”. However, do people would like to multitask in this way?

According to Mario Romero: “Mobile keyboards have too many buttons that are too small, and it turns the sighted into the blind and makes it so the blind can’t even use the device’’.  So would you describe typing on an iPhone as a nice experience? In my opinion, every new device need time to get used to it. So it depends on people whether they like to see what they are typing or not. It is also a way to check your message before you send.

This app is showing a six-key braille-based keyboard with three buttons on each side instead of QWERTY 26-letter keyboard. But would it take more time? According to Georgia Tech researchers: ‘‘some visually impaired people were able to reach up to 32 words per minute with 92 per cent accuracy with a prototype app for the iPhone’. It depends on your willingness to learn and how much time you take to learn this new technology.

Now, there is only a prototype of BraillTouch, but soon this will be launched.



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