The +1 Button, Google’s Version of the ‘Like,’ Button

Facebook ‘Like,’ button mania may continue but Google is keeping up, releasing its very own ‘+1’ button which has a similar purpose to the Facebook ‘Like,’ button. The +1 is currently on an experiment mode but it will soon be available for everyone.

What you will see on your search results is a +1 next to each link when you make a search on Google. The reason for this +1 button is not only for you to like the link or search results but it acts more like an approval button. The more +1 a link has, the more reliable it may appear to other users. This +1 activity will also show up in your Google Profile feed.

Facebook ‘Like,’ button created a revolution, almost all websites now have a ‘Like,’ button integrated but Google is building something that is more powerful as the +1 button actually affects the search ranking, hence, the more +1 on the website, the higher the ranking. What do you think about the +1 Button idea, do you think it will be useful?

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