The Chromebook Is Now For Sale

Google have just launched its own notebook computer, Chromebook.

Unlike other netbooks, Chromebook has no desktop and you can’t install apps to its hard drive and there is no local folders to store personal files. What it has, is only a Web Browser!

Google think that users do not need desktop application and those applications that you need can be run in the web browser instead. Applications such as Microsoft Office can be replaced by Google Apps Suite or Google Docs product. They also argue that consumers are also already used to accessing Gmail and Google Calendar for communication and scheduling purposes.

One significant advantage of these online apps is you can access it anywhere anytime and there is no need to worry about backups and storage space problems.

However, the Chromebook will be almost useless when there is no Internet connection. Google said that they are going to release an offline mode to its applications sometime this summer which will let you to use Gmail, Google Docs and calendar offline.

The device is made by Samsung and Acer. Chromebook promises to provide users a faster, simpler and more secure experience compared to traditional computers. You can now get its Wi-Fi version from Amazon and for $429 only. 3G version is available too at $499. No contract needed.

Do you dare to try it out?

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