The Doctor is ALWAYS In: Dr. Chrono for the iPad

Earlier I mentioned that having an iPad means that you can install numerous amounts of apps that cater to your specific needs. And I mean, cater to everyone’s needs. Whatever profession you are in, I’m sure you’ll find an app out there that is suitable for you, and doctors are no exception.

A new iPad app Drchrono is pushing the limits in medicinal practice by providing doctors and the like with a new level of paper-free convenience.

Drchrono, an EHR (electronic health record) app, allows doctors to complete their daily tasks and access information without having the need to refer to paper records. Don’t have an iPad? Any information that can be taken from the app is also available from any web browser, iPhone or Android device since the app works by syncing with the Drchrono web-based healthcare platform.

The app has many features that allows for more convenience for medical practioners: physicians will be able to schedule appointments, write e-prescriptions that can be sent to any US pharmacy, write bills, take notes, and conduct drug interaction tests. X-ray and other lab results can be uploaded to the app as well.

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