The Most Exclusive Website In The World

Wow,here is a privilege that you will get if you have many Twitter followers.

The World’s Most Exclusive Website designed by Mike Lacher(creator of Geocities-izer,), Chris Baker(writer/technologist) and Jeff Greenspan(creator of Tourist Lane fame) was introduced as a special art project.

The website only allow visitors with verified Twitter account to sign up and access it. There are a lot of rooms in the website but you can only access these rooms if you have certain number of Twitter followers. The more Twitter followers you have, the more exclusive room you can get into.  For the most exclusive room, at least 5 million followers are needed.

It seems like a “real” website for games or social network to me at first. But after reading some comments online,  I found that this is actually a marketing strategy for an Italian restaurant called Olive Garden. Users will be redirected to Olive Garden’s website if they are using an unverified account. I must say that this is a creative and brilliant idea for marketing campaign as it is like a free celebrity promotion. The website has Ryan Seacrest,the American Idol host to tweet about it and it was also retweeted so many times. I guess the marketing effect is really working.

Anyway, I am still curious of what room I can get into. Let’s try it now and see whether we can be in the same room as Lady Gaga or Justin Bieber.

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