The New ‘Like,’ Button

Facebook has been rolling out new gimmicks to its interface from the new profile to page design to the most recent upgrade to its Like button. The hype of the like button is definitely one that is addictive, it’s as easy as a click and yes, straight to the point, ‘I Like It!’ Facebook’s Like button now also act as a tool of the former share button.

The Like button has officially taken over the function of what Share button used to perform, after clicking a Like button, a full story with headline, links, and other blurbs will appear on your Facebook Profile whereas before it only appeared on the recent activities which usually gets unnoticed. While the upgrade of Like as Share button is considered a revolution and a step ahead to increasing benefits for the publishers, it also contradicts the whole point of a Like button, it’s a bit discreet and you can click as many Like button as you want except now, you might have to think twice especially if you are a Like button addict.

“It’s unlikely that the change is just a test, however. Typically such tests from Facebook only affect a small number of users, whereas this change affects all Like buttons,” shared Facebook Spokeswoman, Malorie Lucich. What do you think about the new Facebook Like button functionality?

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