The Touchtype brings together the iPad and Apple Wireless Keyboard

The iPad is one of Apple’s successes. Designers are constantly trying to make the iPad convenient for the owners. Now, the Touchtype is a new case for the iPad and Apple Wireless Keyboard.

Salman Sajid is the creator of the Touchtype case. This is a Kickstarter project and the goal is $2,500 and now according to Kickstarter  website it seems like they already reached $5,961! So this is gonna be launched soon? There are still 29 days to go, so you can still fund this project if you like the Touchtype case though.

Earlier, I already wrote about several iPad keyboard cases such as the Brydge keyboard case and Logitech iPad keyboard. However, the difference between these 2 cases and the Touchtype case is that this one stores the keyboard underneath the iPad to conserve space. And as you can see, The Brydge keyboard case and Logitech iPad keyboard create a kind of ‘laptop’ feeling. It depends on what you prefer.

According to Kickstarter:

‘’The Touchtype case stores the Apple Wireless Keyboard underneath the iPad — not on top (like most other keyboard cases). This means you have direct access to your iPad as soon as you open the cover. To use the keyboard, just move aside the elastic restraining loops and slide it out from the pocket. There when you need it, gone when you don’t.’’

This case can adjust itself to any iPad because the straps are symmetrically placed and there are built-in magnets on either side. So you can put your iPad in every orientation, even the new iPad.

There are thousands of accessory makers who snapped into action and we want to know what your opinion is about the Touchtype case.


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