This Is How Klout Measure Your Social Media Influence

I believe most of you are using Klout score to measure online performance or social media ROI, but do you know how Klout measure your online influence?

Well, there are 3 aspects: True Reach, Amplification Probability, and Network Score being measured.


True Reach is about the size of engaged audience. Inactive and spam accounts are eliminated and only accounts that you really influence are counted.

Questions that this metric is going to answer are:

  • Are your tweets interesting and informative enough to attract audience?
  • How far has your content been spread?
  • Are people adding or following you?

This metric is the likelihood that your content will be responded.

Amplification Probability is about:

  • How likely you will be retweeted?
  • Is number of your tweets too much or too little?
  • How diverse is the group that interacts with you?

The network influence lets you know how influential are your friends. This score determines:

  • How influential are the people who message you?
  • How influential are the people who retweet you?
  • How influential are your followers?

Klout provides a quick snapshot of your performance in social media but there are still flaws in the system as it can be gamed to get a high score. So, you can should just treat it as a simple measurement.

To get a high Klout score, you can join more conversation, interact with more important people, and sends out informative content that attracts people and makes them follow you.



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