Time to Document Your SweetBaby

I like looking at my baby pictures. Maybe because I was cuter back then… What’s sad is that I don’t have a lot of them. Neither do I have any form of video recording of  myself when I was young. I even argued with my brother when I was 5 years old when they played a video of him on his birthday… I kept on crying, “That’s me, not you!” (now I know it really was him). So this post is for all you proud parents out there who simply MUST document your baby’s life.
A new app has been released to let parents celebrate the birth of their children, called SweetBaby. With SweetBaby, you’ll be able to organize all the videos and images that you have taken to document one of the most precious moments in your family’s life.
First thing that might pop up in your mind, “virtual scrap book!” But that would not be suffice to describe this app. Not only will users be able to share the videos and images, but practically all sorts of media can be included and combined in many different ways to chronicle all the milestones that go with the first years of the life of a child.  That includes his first birthday, his first steps, the first time he said Mama or Dada, etc.

The app comes with pre-installed pages which makes it easier to store everything in a simple way. Custom pages can also be added and there are multiple book covers for you to choose from.

I recommend all you parents to use this app and show to your child when he or she is of older age. You don’t want the siblings to argue who is who when you show them a video.

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