TomTom is integrated in the new iOS 6 Maps app

Apple is going to replace Google maps for its own map app, but now it seems like that the Dutch navigation-system maker TomTom has made a deal with TomTom.

According to Thomas Husson, consumer product strategy analyst for Forrester Research:

 “Apple finds a way to be less dependent from Google, to offer its own mapping and navigation services, but most importantly to offer developers the ability to develop more integrated and contextualized services for iOS devices. Google will stop benefiting from the traffic generated by future devices launching with native Apple Maps.”

TomTom has announced that it has signed a global agreement with Apple for maps and related information on iOS 6. The company will provide a mapping platform and features traffic updates, turn-by-turn directions and an anonymous traffic reporting. This anonymous traffic reporting will be based on the data of other iOS users. However, still need to find out how the privacy setting would be regarding this anonymous traffic reporting.

In the App Store there are already multiple TomTom mobile navigation apps than run on Apple’s iPhones and iPads. Users need to pay for those premium apps, so do you think that the free TomTom app on iOS would include those premium services?


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