Tornado Warnings in Twitter Saves Lives

Yesterday in Twitter, I kept on seeing the word “tornado.” People were warning each other, people were scared, and some were even casually Tweeting while they saw the tornado.

According to TV station ABC 33/40, it’s tornado season for South America once more and dozens of people have already died. Despite this however, the numbers could’ve been worse had it not been for social and media and technology. Because of social networking websites, news spread around fast about the tornadoes arriving in cities such as Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

When Tuscaloosa was hit hard, other cities had to take shelter, such as Birmingham and Anniston. Videos were taken of the strong tornado (care of Birmingham television station ABC 33/40) that meteorologists are using to inform and warn thousands of viewers online. Hi-tech radars were used by weather personnel in order to spot the funnel clouds, also to warn residents and allow for them to move to shelter.

The residents themselves are using their mobile phones to take pictures and videos that they upload online, and the Weather Channel’s Twitter feed has been busy re-tweeting these images.

Needless to say, technology does bring huge help when it comes to disasters such as these.

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