Track a #hashtag all over the web with TagsInAction

Hashtags have been used over multiple platforms on the web and people are using it in messages and conversations.

TagsInAction is a site which allows you to search for mentions of hashtags on multiple social websites such as Twitter, Facebook, Wikipedia, Google, Bing, Google+, YouTube and more.  It is also possible to find #hashtags which are related to TagTalk, Websites, Images, Videos or People.

The # symbol, called hashtag is created by Twitter users to categorize messages. These hashtags are keywords or phrases which allow you to search easily to messages or conversations with the same topic.

This would be handy to track messages and conversations over multiple platforms and especially for marketing campaigns. Companies can use hashtags for effective marketing though. For example, you can find a #topic on Facebook public pages, so you know who are talking about this topic at the moment.

Now, TagsInAction makes it simple to search #topics on the web. Basically, you can find the hashtags all over the web! Twitter is now not the only one who is using #hashtag, you can check it on TagsInAction. However, their website looks very simple and it is a bit slowly, but still can find your #hashtag results.

So what do you think of TagsInAction? I need to admit that it could very useful website to search what people are thinking or saying at the moment on the web about that #topic.

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