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A few days back I’ve been asking in Twitter if there was any easier way for me to keep track of my expenses. I am desperately saving up for a new phone and a few other items that I’d like to purchase, and let’s just say that I never really enjoyed my Accounting classes back in third year college.  Well, this start-up must’ve been stalking me because they have come up with an application that makes it easier for the user to track his expenses right as they are incurred into.

It’s not a free app however so you’d have to pay. But they have a 30 day free trial to see if you wanna buy it. You can use your cell phone to send an SMS which includes details of how much you spent. You can also use the provided web interface and send yourself an email with that information. Whichever way, the PiggyBelt app will take note of how much you’ve spent and what you spent it on.
If you want my opinion, I think we all need this app. Especially for those who are trying to put themselves on a budget.
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