Travel Site Jetsetter Launched an iPad Application

Jetsetter the invitation only travel website launched its iPad application today. The member’s only website, Jetsetter, brand itself to offer exclusive sales, the property featured on the website are also hand-picked by team to ensure its quality.

Sarah Lacy of TechCrunch named Jetsetter to be the one and only travel website because it offers great write ups that lives up to the actual standard of the property. Members also get expert knowledge from other members, this eliminates random people writing the reviews let alone, hotels writing their own reviews.

The new iPad application of Jetsetter comes with beautiful pictures, detailed reviews, vacation sales, and pretty much the basic things but what really made the application unique was the 360 degrees virtual view of the property that’s on the website, transporting you to what the place would look like.

Next big step for Jetsetter besides exclusive sales and travel tips from the expert is set up a perosnal concierge and high-end travel planning service. Which online traveling community website do you use in Singapore?

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