Try YouTube With New Interface

Google has redesigned YouTube with better features. An experiment called “Cosmic Panda”  has been rolled out and it is open for everyone.

The new interface has a black background underneath the video player, replacing the previous dark gray backdrop. The are also four new icons at the bottom of the frame for you to change video frame size. You can also customize channels with new page designs and improved editing tools. In addition, searching for other videos or switching between channels can be done simultaneously when you are playing a video.

Improvement that I like the most is the ability to choose whether to display comments or not and fill the page below the video player with suggested videos  that are now each in larger frames. With this features, I do not need to see rubbish comments and arguments anymore. Besides, editing a channel template is also easier now as users are given a choice of layouts.

Give it a try at here and tell us whether you like it. I personally prefer this new version and I think it looks elegant.

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