Tunebirds.com – Share Songs And Playlists On Twitter

Tunebirds is a website that lets you share music on Twitter easily.

Unlike other similar websites such as 8Tracks and Instant.fm, Tunebirds does not require you to upload songs or playlists. You will just need to search for the songs that you want and add them to your list. After that, just share a song or entire playlist that you have created.

Your profile page will show all of the songs that you shared so that you can go back to listen to them or manage the list. However, searching for a song might not be very intuitive. You will need to include both the artist and the song title as the search keywords in order to get the song that you really want.

As TuneBirds seem to be generating its music from Youtube without the actual video, you as find almost every song that you can think of.




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