Turn your tweets into toilet paper

This is an amazing and a green idea! The new start up Shitter can turn your favourite and memorable tweets into toilet paper. Print your tweets on toilet paper and read it in your favourite restroom?

Shitter is a start-up company which allow people to print their remarkable tweets. As you probably know, Shitter is not the first company out there to make custom toilet paper. There are already companies which allow people to print funny pictures or phrases. However, Shitter is the first one who brings Twitter to the toilet….sounds funny though!

David Gillespie, co-founder of Shitter said:

“We found ourselves in conversation about how ridiculous so much of what is going on in the social media space is. Companies with no revenue, working on things that aren’t problems, attracting valuations based on a user-base that won’t pay for a thing.’’

All you need to do is log into Shitter with your Twitter account. Then you can choose to print from your own feed or from someone else. There will be some options to choose what kind of tweets you want to print such as  tweets from lists, favourites or a feed of someone that you follow. But it also allows people to print tweets from their favourite blog!

I think that this toilet paper will be bought by people who want to keep their tweets as a memory so they will store the toilet paper up. Don’t you think? It could be perceived as a funny art thing later in the future though. However, as this toilet paper is made for people who want to relax and read tweets in the toilet, I think some people will really  use it in the toilet.

But overall  it could also be a funny and remarkable gift for someone.

Shitter is selling this toilet paper for $35 for a pack of four and includes tax and shipping. Would you like to buy? Let us know your thoughts about Shitter!





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  1. order resume Reply April 6, 2012 at 4:05 am

    It’s awful idea)) I can’t imagine it even))